Welcome to the website of Maschinenfabrik NIEHOFF (CZ), s.r.o.

Maschinenfabrik NIEHOFF (CZ), s.r.o., located in Nymburk (Central Bohemia) in the Czech Republic, is a manufacturing subsidiary of the NIEHOFF-Group.

The NIEHOFF-Group (with its parent company based in Schwabach by Nurnberg/Germany) is active in a special branch of mechanical engineering, focusing on developement, construction, manufacturing and service of machines and equipment designed for the production of non-ferrous wires and cables. NIEHOFF is at the top of the world´s most important manufacturers of modern drawing systems for the wire and cable industries.

Since 2001, NIEHOFF has been represented (in additon to several other countries of the world) by a production plant in the Czech Republic.

The factory has been developed continuously while establishing as an important part of the NIEHOFF-Group. The observance of the high standards of quality, common by NIEHOFF, can be taken for granted also in our production plant in Nymburk.

The flexibility of the Nymburk subsidiary contributes essentially to holding and strengthening of the global competetive level of the whole group. The apprenticeship and training of our staff and the job offer of well-qualified, technically determinated positions by NIEHOFF are of great importance for the future of the local industry.

We kindly beg our customers and other visitors to look at the website of the parent NIEHOFF company in Schwabach on There are all NIEHOFF products and services presented and described in detail. Of course, if you decide to refer yourself to us at the Nymburk plant, we will hand on your contact to the parent company with pleasure.

Contact - Plant of Nymburk

Maschinenfabrik NIEHOFF (CZ), s.r.o.

Prazska 546/5
CZ - 288 65 Nymburk
Czech Republic

Phone (office of the plant manager): +420 325 519 712
Internet: (the plant of Nymburk only) (NIEHOFF Group)